On Mon, 16 Mar 2020, Gerben Wierda wrote:

This worked when I was just doing METAPOST. Now, I am using my lua code to 
produce the METAPOST code that produces the pictures. And the picture itself is 
put in a file for METAPOST as follows:

File test4-mplib-run-001.mp:

% begin graphic: n=0

; beginfig(1) ; defaultfont:="name:dejavuserif*default"; 
CurrentLayout:="article"; def OverlayLineColor=black enddef; def OverlayColor =black 
enddef; ;picture pic; x:=80.000; y:=200.000; w:=133.000; h:=53.000;pic := ApplicationComponentLogo( 
w, h, typeString) shifted (x, -y); draw pic;picture pic; x:=273.000; y:=253.000; w:=133.000; 
h:=53.000;pic := Function( w, h, typeString) shifted (x, -y); draw pic;picture pic; x:=380.000; 
y:=133.000; w:=133.000; h:=53.000;pic := Service( w, h, typeString) shifted (x, -y); draw pic;path 
p; p := (200.000,-227.000)--(333.000,-227.000)--(333.000,-273.000); draw p;path p; p := 
(393.000,-253.000)--(393.000,-180.000); draw p;;; endfig ;
% end graphic

This apparently is tried to get run through METAPOST separately and that 
clearly doesn’t work, because ApplicationComponentLogo isn’t defined. This is 
the result of the following setup:

\startMPdefinitions (or inclusions, no difference)
% ApplicationComponentLogo is defined here with a vardef
\ctxlua{foo(“filename”)}        % produces a series of
                                %    context.startMPpage { instance = 
"doublefun” }
                                %    several of:
                                %       context( METAPOST statements in a 
                                %    context.stopMPpage()

How do I get my MPdefinitions available in those METAPOST runs?

Since you are using \startMPpage[instace=doublefun], you need to do the definitions for doublefun instance: so use


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