For the following one, I’m not sure if this is the intended behaviour or not:

I want to set up the “notation” and “note” style manually, which works great 
unless I also call \setupinteraction[state=start,style=normal] (or any other 
style), regardless of calling it before or after setting up “notation” or 

MWE (with an assortment of different note positions):

% \setupinteraction[state=start,style=normal] %% uncomment and manual style for 
\note[] is no longer respected


This is the footnote\footnote[one]{aha} and the reference\note[one].

This is the endnote\endnote[two]{oho} and the reference\note[endnote][two].

Let's look \in[one].

\startplacefigure[title={And in this float\endnote[three]{hmm} and the 




And look here \in[two].



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