Geert Dobbels schrieb am 04.04.2020 um 16:46:

Code below shows some behaviour I cannot explain (csv file attached):

- If I run the code below as is, I get what I want, except that the header line of the table does not repeat at the top of each page. - Changing "split=yes" to "split=repeat" in the setupxtable gives me repeating headers, but the table starts at the second page, leaving the first page with only the text line and all the rest as blank spaces. - Placing the table in a float by activating the 3 commented lines gives me an error ("extra } or forgotten endgroup") pointing to the external figure in my page header overlay.  Replacing the \placefigure..... in the page header by ordinary text makes the error go away, but is no solution, since I need the company logo picture there, and even then with no error, the headers do not repeat. - With the table in a float, I manage to get repeating headers when I change to "split=yes" and "headers=repeat" in the \setupxtable, but I still get the abovementioned error as soon as I want to put my figure back in the page header......

Any suggestions ?

Can you make your example simpler and reduce it to the bare minimum (replace your csv file which dummy content) which is required to show the error.

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