I got this error after I had changed some lua code:

tex error       > tex error on line 272 in file archimate-lua.new: ! Undefined 
control sequence

        warnIfVerbose( "Breaking off the processing of node %s\nNo 
 xsi:type", node)
\luat_start_lua_code_indeed ...ormalexpanded {\endgroup \noexpand \directlua {#1
l.272 \stopluacode

<empty file>

The control sequence at the end of the top line of your error message was never
\def'ed. You can just continue as I'll forget about whatever was undefined.

I have been looking at that code for over two hours, not seeing anything wrong 
with it. But I’ve now finally found the culprit and I still do not get it.

The culprit was:

          warnIfVerbose( "Breaking off the processing of %s\n No elementRef", 

The problem goes away when I use:

          warnIfVerbose( "Breaking off the processing of %s\nNo elementRef", 

(I don’t want the line after the node is printed to begin with a space).

But the lack of space between \n and N kills lua (apparently). For completeness 
(as string.format and texio.write_nl are also in play):

function warnWithLabelIfVerbose( str, ... )
  if verboseProgram then
    texio.write_nl( str .. string.format(...))

function warnIfVerbose( ... )
  warnWithLabelIfVerbose("-----> ", ...)

Is this a lua bug? A ConTeXt bug? Expected behaviour? And if so, why is 
reported that on line 272 (where \stopluacode is) is the error? Or is the error 
message indeed helpful and do I just lack the know how to interpret it?


(Took me three hours, this one. Just removing that space that happened with 
some other changes was the culprit. Totally unexpected for me.)
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