Adam Reviczky schrieb am 08.04.2020 um 21:53:
Thank you Hans and Wolfgang,

I have updated the wiki ( with the new dayshort/daylong options, but I seem to get an empty value for every day after day 7, see example:

\date[d=7,m=4,y=2008][{\dayshort\normalday},{,~},day,~,month,~,year] \par

This gives me (note "sun" is missing in the second line):

sat, 7 April 2008
, 8 April 2008

Am I using the options correctly?

No, the \daylong and \dayshort expect a number between 1 and 7 and result in a label for the requested day of the week but it's not meant
to be used in \currentdate.

Still using luatex and not luametatex.

To get the short names with \currentdate you have to append ":mnem" to the weekday, w, WEEKDAY or W keywords.




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