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On Fri, 10 Apr 2020, kaddour kardio wrote:

Hi, if there any changes in the interface for using symbols?
I tried today the example from Aditya's Blog but it shows no symbols:

\definetypeface[mainfont][rm][specserif][Linux Libertine O][default]
\definetypeface[mainfont][mm][math] [TeX Gyre Pagella Math][default]
\definetypeface[mainfont][tt][mono] [Dejavu Mono][default] [rscale=0.8,


Checked box \FA[check-square-o]
Unchecked box \FA[square-o]
i use luamtetex for archlinux with all luatex modules linked to lmtx folder

The names of the symbols have changed in fontaweson 5.0. Try:

\FA[check] \FA[check_empty]
fwiw, if you do:

  context --global symb-imp-fontawesome.mkiv

you get a pdf file that shows all names and symbols


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