> Henning Hraban Ramm <te...@fiee.net> hat am 16. April 2020 09:02 geschrieben:

> > I will use ConTeXt to typeset the Jewish Studies journal *Judaica* 
> > (https://bop.unibe.ch/index.php/judaica/index). (The first issue should 
> > appear soon.) However, we do not accept ConTeXt sources as we use jats xml 
> > as our production format. (Actually, I don't expect any of our authors is 
> > using ConTeXt.)
> Interesting. Is ConTeXt handling Hebrew well?

Well, it's not field tested yet. But yes, the demo files work.

> > 
> >> 2) If there are any is any of them convinced enought about ConTeXt to 
> >> recommend use of ConTeXt or even provide template?
> > 
> > Yes, I gave two talks last year at the Public Knowledge Project Conference 
> > in Barcelona. One was about our general workflow (going from docx via 
> > pandoc markdown to jats xml; the other was about typesetting xml with 
> > ConTeXt.)
> I’m using a Python script to convert DOCX to ConTeXt. The better the input, 
> the better the output can be. Usually there’s a lot of manual work. (Last 
> week I had an article whose author never grew out of the typewriter, i.e. 
> every line was a paragraph, footnotes were just paragraphs at the end of his 
> pages – of course my script couldn’t handle that well.)

Yeah, as always, the output is only as good as the input. That's partly why I 
use pandoc (twice, actually.) In a first run, I produce a normalized markdown 
file, where such idiosyncrasies are removed. There, I then add additional 
formatting. In the second run I can then produce the XML. We need the XML to 
produce a nice web view using the Lens Viewer. And also, with pandoc it's much 
easier to produce XML than ConTeXt. 

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