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A similar question has been asked three years ago, and Rik Kabel posted a partial solution, adapted here:

\defineprocessor [Footnote] [right={ n}]



This is a sentence with a term in the index: cat\index{cat}. This sentence also has an indexed term, dog\index{dog}, as well as a footnote.\footnote{The footnote also contains an indexed term, mouse.\fnindex{mouse}}


\placeregister [index]


And about a year ago, Hans made a different suggestion to my own question; however, I didn't realize then that it was not what I was looking for:


           Test1: \index{cat}cat.
\footnote{Test2: \index{mouse}mouse.}
\footnote[note:cat]{Test3: \index[cat]{cat in \in{note}[note:cat]}cat.}


\placeregister [index]

This creates two index entries for cat, which is not the intended result.

My questions are:

1. I would like to have the footnote number appear in the index, so it says something like "cat 1 n. 1." Is that possible?

2. Is it necessary to define an extra command for index entries in footnotes? Is context clever enough to know that it's processing a footnote, so one could write a condition such as (pseudocode):

\define [1]

Thanks a lot, have a good Sunday!
You probably know intuitively that there is an answer, don't you?



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