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Following a question about the broken R module (R the statistical software), Aditya suggested me the filter module (thanks to him). I’m about to distribute a set of course notes to colleagues, and I need to deal with details now. I have one problem and two questions.

1) the filter collect R code between \startR / \stopR and submit this code to R. As it can be seen in the following minimal example, when a label contains an accented character (« Fréquence » in my example), the pdf graphic does not contains the « é ». Strangely, the snippet of code (which is saved locally as « test2-temp-R-0.tmp » (for test2.tex)) when submitted with the same command as the filtercommand, works correctly; that means the same file works when submitted to R outside of ConTeXt. I have no idea how to solve this.

Are you running the exact same command as the `filtercommand`. If so, I don't know why running the `filtercommand` through context vs directly typing it on the terminal should behave differently. The filter module effectively just runs os.execute("filtercommand"). I don't use R so I am unable to debug further.

I can reproduce this output side the filter module. If I directly run os.execute(...) 
from a lua session, the output is correct but running it through context gives the wrong 
output. I am guessing this is something to do with locale. I notice that the output of 
os.execute("locale") from context is different from that from my shell. But I 
don't know why locale should affect UTF characters in R. Perhaps someone with more 
knowledge of R can comment on that.



   X <- rnorm(200,mean=10,sd=2)
   hist(X, col =  "red3" ,  xlab="Score QI" , main="", ylab="fréquence")

\savebuffer[prefix=no, list=code, file={output/code.r}]

  print(">>>>", "RUNNING R CMD")
  os.execute("R CMD BATCH --no-timing --save --restore output/code.r 



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