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> Me again…
> I’ve got an itemize that needs to fit on one page.  I’ve been using 
> inbetween={\blank[small]} for all the other analogous lists but this one is 
> longer and with that spacing, it goes about one inch onto the next page.  But 
> if I use packed, the list is way too crammed together and there’s about 2.5 
> inches of extra space on the page!
> How do I go smaller than small?  Is there a “lightly packed”?  Or other 
> degrees?
> I’ve tried \blank[1mm] and other dimensions but nothing will go smaller than 
> small…  :-(

\blank understands an arbitrary measure, e.g. \blank[3pt] or \blank[0.25em]

Probably also \blank[0.5*small] works (didn’t check, but \blank[3*big] works).

Otherwise see https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Command/blank


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