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> Am completely new to using Metafun, which I presume I would need to use 
> to achieve a Hansen Memoir-style Chapter heading (chapter title 
> overlayed on a large lightgray number). Of course, I am assuming I would 
> need to use Metafun to create this...
> So my first question is to ask if I could achieve the same effect 
> without Metafun?
> I have read through the Metafun manual, and I think I can understand how 
> to overlay text on a graphic (MP), but it would be currently beyond me 
> to draw numbers of the kind we find in, say, the Memoir examples.
> Has anyone created such an example? I was keenly looking for one in the 
> manual and elsewhere, in terms of ConTeXt/Metafun commands, but could 
> not find one. But I'd be quite prepared to 'have a go' at this, if I had 
> some pointers of just where to start! I assume I would have to 
> \defineoverlay[number] and then add text on top \framed (but without the 
> frame borders). Am I at least correct about this?

You don't need metafun for something this simple. Here is a crude 



\startchapter[title={This is a test}]


Overlays don't allow tuning the location...for that you need layers. See the 
chapter on ornaments in the details manual, which also explains an alternative 
method to set title of chapters (toward the end of that chapter), which is 
useful if you need absolute positioning.


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