As announced last week, I have been working on a wiki extension to control the 
editing of /Command pages. That extension is now installed on the main wiki.

In short, we will switch to XML as the page model for newly created /Command 
pages. This makes editing a bit harder, but it allows much better quality 
control and (fairly) easy export and import.

The goal is to eventually be able to easily export all of the reference 
documentation in the wiki to a separate system (for instance, Paul Mazaitis 
plans to create a full-blown reference manual). In the current situation, this 
is nearly impossible because there is so much variation in the content and 
quality of the wiki /Command pages (not to mention that many are missing). We 
also want it to be possible to merge improvements to the interface xml 
definitions by Wolfgang without loosing any existing documentation work.

The documentation pages are here:


After reading those, have a look at the three ‘work pages’:


All the bright red links are currently undocumented commands. Clicking on one 
should bring you to the edit screen automatically, with a blob of XML 
preloaded, ready for you to start writing.

All the dark red links are existing /Command pages. All of those are 
traditional wiki text pages. Following those links will bring you to a normal 
/Command page just like on the main wiki. If you want to see how one of those 
pages would look like in the new system, you’ll have to rename the existing 
page first (as explained in 
https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Command#Pre-existing_pages ) 

If you do some work, please update those work pages!

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are more than welcome. 

Please direct those to me personally or (better) to the wiki mailing list:


Have fun!


If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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