I have some long dialogue that I'm trying to typeset and I want to use the
convention of repeating the open quotation mark on each paragraph of
continued dialogue. I know I can set this up by doing something like

\setupdelimitedtext[quotation][repeat=yes, middle=\upperleftdoublesixquote]

This works well, except in cases where the dialog starts in the middle of a
paragraph. By default \startquotation starts a new paragraph. I think the
way to suppress that is to set location=text, but when I try that I get the
odd effect that the first paragraph doesn't get quotes but the following
ones do. Minimal example below.

\setupdelimitedtext[quotation][repeat=yes, middle=\upperleftdoublesixquote,
Some text that's not part of the quotation.
\input knuth

I’m on LMTX 2.08.04, Context version 2020.12.04 20:22

Any ideas?

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