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PS: with

% engine=luatex

it works fine.
Add \relax after the last skip value, i.e.

  \spaceskip = 1pt plus 1pt minus 1.5pt\relax

LMTX allows multiple plus and minus values for a skip value and the M in 
Matilda starts the scan for an additional minus value.
Wow, this sounds interesting. Is there an example of how to use multiple values?
I think the only examples are in mails from Hans. When you set multiple plus or 
minus values (as far as i remember) only the last setting is used and all 
previous ones are ignored.
Maybe in some article. Anyway, here is an example:

  test \skip0=10pt plus 10pt minus 10pt plus 20pt

  test \skip0=10pt plus 10pt plus 20pt minus 10pt

  test \vrule width 10pt height 10pt depth 10pt depth 10pt height 10pt

%  test \hbox to 10pt to 10pt {x}


compare pdftex and luametatex.

ok. but why does this run fine


Test \spaceskip = 1.0pt plus 1pt minus 1.5pt Wolfgang


while this ends in an error message?


Test \spaceskip = 1.0pt plus 1pt minus 1.5pt Matilda


because scanning is case insensitive so the m triggeres the keyword error ... keep in mind that by omitting a \relax you've always been lucky so far (probably no follow up texts that had plus or minus) .. luametatex just warns earlier


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