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> Rik Kabel via ntg-context schrieb am 27.09.2021 um 00:49:
>> Wolfgang (off-list),
>> It is simply wrong to say that \italicface as defined gives only \it or \bi 
>> as a result. Look at the definition. If the current fontalternative is it 
>> \it it will give a \tf result. It is sensitive to the current state in a 
>> similar way that \em and \emph are, but it will always give an italic or 
>> roman result.
> If we leave the comparisons between \em and \italicface aside and talk only 
> about the results from \italicface we have a common ground.
> You're right the results from \italicface aren't predictable and a fix is 
> needed but the same applies also to \boldface, \slantedface and \typeface.
> Attached is the output from a modified version of the styling command (the 
> \sc column is the fallback style). \swapface is unchanged and I'm not sure 
> about its output because it uses the \em code for italic and slanted which 
> means \setupbodyfontenvironment[default][em=blue] affects also the \swapface 
> results.

Thank you very much for attacking and clarifying this! It confused me from the 

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