Hi All,

I am the network manager for a large high school in Melbourne, Australia.
I'm currently evaluating ntopng to try to see how well it will help me
manage my network.  I have installed Ubuntu 16.04LTS on a new desktop
computer and have installed the latest ntopng according to the
instructions.  It seems to be installed and working well.  However, since
the laptop is not "inline" with my network, I don't see too much traffic.

I have plugged the computer into my main switch.  However, every time I put
the switch into "port-mirror" mode, I lose connection with the ntopng
computer completely.  I don't really know much about port-mirroring, and am
wondering if this is normal?

I tried adding another network card (albeit an old USB network card) with a
second connection and IP address, but that also loses connection when I put
the switch port into mirror mode.

Any help would be appreciated.

Chris Stebbing,
Network Manager,
Lilydale High School.
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