I seem to be getting conflicting information between the CLI and the GUI,
on what version of ntopng I am running.

Below is the output from version and check-license.

[root@ntop ~]# ntopng --check-license
License Ok

[root@ntop ~]# ntopng --version
v.2.4.161004 [Professional Edition]
GIT rev:   2.4-stable:98ee891ed1bff3c11be3922a93c03f62619b8d6a:20161004
Pro rev:   r641
System Id: F0C15B1A7104A1D2
Built on:  CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)

Seems like I am running professional, but on the GUI under "about" it shows
me running the community version.  And I believe I am missing the
professional features.

 Any help would be much appreciated.

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