Is it viable / recommended to write n2disk cache to (low latency) network

I have multiple servers I would like to capture certain traffic profile on
but then some time later be able to extract pcaps realated to certain
application events.   My thinking is I'd rather not have to do the
npacpextract "on box" and then have to work out how to copy them somewhere
else on the network when I could just do the npacpextract directly off
network storage.

Are there any limitations / gotchas I should be aware of if using
npacpextract from a network attached cache while it is being written?

Also, this comes back to a question I asked the other day.  but assuming I
wanted to npacpextract a certain pcap that happened between timestamps X
and Y on port Z but I'm not sure yet if that data has been yet flushed to
disk.  are my only options either to:

* use the [--max-file-duration|-t] $secs option and wait $secs after the
associated application event until attempting to npacpextract

* force an explicit flush by sending a USR1 signal to the n2disk process.
(this approach would be complicated if the cache is on network storage and
the consumer wishing to run npacpextract is on a different machine than the
n2disk process)

It seems like the first option is the least worst approach.  Can you
suggest any others?

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