Dear all,

I have NtopNG Enterprise Ed. and I try to configure LDAP access (OpenLDAP). I 
have set my preferences, but there is no query send from NtopNG to LDAP server.
I don't know how to log LDAP requests, so I capture the LDAP flow with TCP Dump 
on the NtopNG server, and there is nothing.

May I miss something ?

Thx & Rgds.

v.3.2.180410    [Enterprise/Professional build]
GIT rev:        3.2-stable:fef09918e651ed0b52cd2c2caf3a59311388aaa0:20180410
Pro rev:        r1280
Built on:       Debian GNU/Linux 9.1 (stretch)
Platform:       x86_64
Edition:        Enterprise
License Type:   Permanent
Maintenance:    Until Tue Feb 19 08:28:11 2019 [308 days left]

Preferences :


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