A Message from the NTCI Parents Mailing List:

22 September 2015

Dear Parent / Guardian:

The OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network of Canadian Blood Services is 
honoured to partner with Toronto District School Board to look to young leaders 
in our schools to help us save the lives of nearly 1,000 Canadians in need of a 
stem cell donor. In collaboration with schools, OneMatch will be hosting a swab 
event to register potential optimal stem cell donors.

What is the OneMatch program?
OneMatch is a program with Canadian Blood Services that raises awareness about 
the need for more optimal donors and   recruits blood stem cell donors to 
support the patients it serves.

If your son/daughter is 17 or older, they may register as a potential stem cell 
donor at a swab event organized at the school.  We encourage you to have a 
conversation with   your son or daughter about what it means to join OneMatch.  
We want to ensure that everyone who registers is committed to the program and 
is supported by their families in making that decision.

What it means to register
If your child is interested in helping any patient in need, they may register 
as a potential donor with OneMatch. Please note that not everyone who registers 
will be found a matched donor because donors are matched to patients on a 
case-by-case basis.   During registration your child:

*         Will fill in a general health questionnaire, and

*         Take a simple swab of the inside of the cheek (using long Q-tip like 
cheek swab) to collect a tissue sample for typing.
All collected information will be safely transferred to OneMatch, to be entered 
into our donor database. This information will remain secured with OneMatch 
until their 60th birthday. OneMatch will disclose information only to the 
extent that is necessary to determine suitability as a stem cell donor.

What it means to donate
If your child is selected as a potential match for a patient, OneMatch will 
contact them to see if they are still willing and able to proceed with the 
donation. Additional health testing will then be performed to ensure they are 
the best match and are able to safely proceed with the donation.  Stem cells 
will then be extracted in one of the two procedures below:

*         Peripheral blood stem cell collection is most common and is similar 
to blood donation. The donor is awake during this time and stem cells are taken 
from the blood flow through an IV at the local hospital.

*         Bone marrow donation is a day surgery performed under general 
anaesthetic while the bone marrow is taken from the back of the donor's hip 
bone. The donor is able to leave the hospital the same day and may feel slight 
soreness as if after a work-out.

*         Please note: stem cells regenerate in the body daily. Your child 
would not be putting their health at risk by donating stem cells.

For more information please visit our website: www.onematch.ca

Thank you for your commitment to helping us save lives today, and in the future.

TOGETHER we can make a difference in the lives of not just our patients, but 
all Canadians.

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