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CAMH is offering an 8-week group is for young adults (aged 18-25) who overuse 
technology (gaming, social media, surfing). Although few of our students are in 
this age group,
they are willing on a case-by-case basis, to admit younger students. Call CAMH 
for more information.

Dates: Starting Wednesday December 9th until February 17th
Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Location: 33 Russell St., Toronto

  *   A step-by-step approach to making changes in internet use behaviour
  *   Methods for dealing with the issues created by over-use of tech
  *   Support and understanding from others on the same journey

Topics discussed include:

  *   Establishing motivation and setting goals
  *   Identifying triggers and urges
  *   Coping strategies
  *   Managing difficult emotions
  *   Creating balance through self-care and leisure
  *   Healthy relationships/supports
  *   Relapse prevention

An individual assessment is required in order to attend this group.  To book an 
appointment, call Access CAMH at 416-535-8501, press 2.

Support is also offered for parents.

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