A Message from the NTCI Parents Mailing List:

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Excellent attendance and punctuality are essential for your son/daughter's 
success. I wanted to remind you of some of our practices to ensure there is 
clear communication between the home and the school. Please contact the school 
if you have any questions.

-If a student must be absent for a full day or any part of a day, the parent or 
guardian must notify the school by telephone or in writing. If a parent chooses 
to submit a note, it must be presented, immediately upon return to school, with 
a satisfactory written explanation for the absence, and signed by the parent or 
guardian. This note is to be brought to the Main Office by 8:45 a.m., and will 
be signed by the Office Staff.  Students will bring the signed note to show the 
teacher whose class was missed.   Students who are 18 years of age or older may 
write their own notes.

-In the case of student illness resulting in an absence, parents are required 
to telephone prior to the start of the school day. Voice mail is available at 
all times.  Please call 416-393-9180 option #1 to report an absence.   If you 
prefer, an office assistant will receive parent calls after 8:00 a.m.  Parents 
(students if over 18) should indicate if a test, presentation or due date is 
scheduled for that day. Any unexplained absence will generate an automated 
phone call (or email) to the student's home, reporting which class(es) of the 
day the student has missed.  If there are errors, students are requested to 
come to the Main Office to arrange for corrections to their attendance record.

-An attendance summary will be provided to teachers daily so that they may 
track individual student attendance and use the information to follow up with 
the student, parent or Vice-Principal.

-A record of absences will be included on all report cards.  A student who 
fails to maintain regular attendance may be withdrawn from a course(s) or from 

-Some departments or courses may require a parental note for an absence (in 
addition to a telephone call to the office). This requirement will be 
communicated to parents directly by the teachers in these departments.

Punctuality / Signing In
Students are expected to arrive in enough time to be in their homerooms before 
the bell at 9:00 a.m. and the class directly following lunch. If a student 
arrives late at either of these times, s/he must report directly to the Main 

Signing Out
If it becomes necessary to request an excusal from school for an appointment, 
the student must sign out in the Main Office before 8:45 a.m. and present, at 
that time, a written note from a parent explaining the reason for the request.

Occasionally, unavoidable circumstances may occur during the day to warrant a 
student's leaving school. If so, the student should report directly to the Main 
Office.  An attendance secretary or school official will then contact parents 
to arrange for the sign-out.

Planned Absences
It is expected that students and their families prioritize the importance of 
education by scheduling absences during non-school times.  Students absent 
during regular school days must provide a letter of notification from their 
parents to the Principal or Vice-Principal at least two weeks prior to leaving. 
 The note must state that the parents and the student are aware that the 
student is responsible for work missed.

Arrangements for missed tests and assignments must be made two weeks before the 
planned absence with individual teachers.

Ministry of education regulations dictate that summative assessment must occur 
during the final six weeks of the school year. Students and parents should be 
aware that scheduled vacations at this time can significantly impact student 
achievement.  With the exception of medical emergencies, all summative tests 
and assignments that are missed as a result of these absences will be assigned 
a mark of zero.

J. Gorenkoff

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