I wouldn't change anything until I found out what it was intended for. Since it 
has been sitting since February it was probably intended to replace something 
would be my guess. 

What OS is it running? If it has been sitting and not in use I'm guessing the 
server hasn't been configured for anything right now.

There's nothing inherently wrong with RAID 5. How are the partitions set up 
inside the RAID 5?

How many and what type of VMs were you thinking of moving there? 

What kind of network infrastructure would this server be connected to? The base 
R730 has 4 - 1GB Ethernet adapters.

Changing anything without running some performance tests and you could be 
wasting money.

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8 x 500gb = 4tb, raw.
RAID5 = 3.5 raw
RAID6 or RAID5 + hot spare = 3tb raw

Space dwindles quickly when reserving disks for failover/availability.

How many VMs? What apps running on them?

It's certainly going to be a screaming machine, regardless - depending on type 
and how many procs are in it, though I'd consider upping the RAM to 128.

Does it have a 10gb NIC? If the infrastructure supports it, I'd strongly 
consider that.


On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 6:10 AM, J- P <jnat...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> So I inherited this server , (sitting on site since February) low and 
> behold when I fire it up it turns out that whoever set it up used all 
> 8 discs in a raid 5 (granted they are only 500gb enterprise ssd's ) 
> but still raid 5? and no hot spare?
> I'm trying to figure what the purpose of this server is/was, but aside 
> from a losing some space wouldn't a  raid 6 and hot spare make MUCH more 
> sense?
> I'd like to move some of their VMs to it, as it is a brand spanking 
> new r730 with 96gb of ram

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