Exchange 2010 SP3 UR14, Windows 2008R2 SP1 AD.
The Distribution Group is Universal.
The Distribution Group is visible in the EMC in Exchange.
The Distribution Group is visible in ADUC on the DC in the OU.
Members can be added if you open the properties of the Distribution Group in 
either the EMC or ADUC.
If you open the properties of the user in ADUC and try to add the group there 
it cannot find the group.
The group is hidden from the GAL, but I can see other distribution groups that 
are also hidden.
I also tried un-hiding it from the GAL and that didn't work.
I did a #Get-DistributionGroup -identity name | fl against the problem group 
and another hidden group that does show up and the only difference I see is 
there is a value of 2893772 in CustomAttribute13.
I created a new Distribution Group, hid it from the GAL and set 
CustomAttribute13 to 2893772 and it shows up just fine.
So I don't see how that could be the problem and don't have any record of what 
this could possibly be used for, but I'm unsure about simply removing it.
I hesitate to recreate it only because it causes NDRs if users use the cached 
Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this weirdness?


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