I would seriously consider 2 Raid 10 arrays, giving you 2 fast, secure 1 TB 

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8 x 500gb = 4tb, raw.
RAID5 = 3.5 raw
RAID6 or RAID5 + hot spare = 3tb raw

Space dwindles quickly when reserving disks for failover/availability.

How many VMs? What apps running on them?

It's certainly going to be a screaming machine, regardless - depending on type 
and how many procs are in it, though I'd consider upping the RAM to 128.

Does it have a 10gb NIC? If the infrastructure supports it, I'd strongly 
consider that.


On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 6:10 AM, J- P <jnat...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> So I inherited this server , (sitting on site since February) low and 
> behold when I fire it up it turns out that whoever set it up used all 
> 8 discs in a raid 5 (granted they are only 500gb enterprise ssd's ) 
> but still raid 5? and no hot spare?
> I'm trying to figure what the purpose of this server is/was, but aside 
> from a losing some space wouldn't a  raid 6 and hot spare make MUCH more 
> sense?
> I'd like to move some of their VMs to it, as it is a brand spanking 
> new r730 with 96gb of ram

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