I am looking into privilege management software and am interested in a product 
that would let me do some kind of standalone installation for a couple of 
specific needs, but would be ultimately expandable to something that could be 
more centrally controlled. From what I can tell, AppSense is going to need some 
sort of management server. Does anyone have any recommendations on something 
that would be relatively simple/cheap to install in a standalone situation, but 
could grow into more of an enterprise model? There are a lot of products out 
there, and I am having a hard time trying to figure out a good fit.

Bill Mayo

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You can use privilege management tools like AppSense Application Manager, RES, 
Scense and the like to configure specific files that can run with elevated 

There's also tools like CPAU from JoeWare which can run scripts with elevated 
privileges so that you can get the profile build to complete maybe?

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