It used to be that 10GBASE-T was outside of the SFP+ power envelope but there’s 
a couple of SFP+ modules with 10GBASE-T media now—they work by “modifying” the 
10GBASE-T spec to reduce its power usage. The downside is reduced cable length 
support and what I assume is an absolute ton of heat output.<>

I would be somewhat concerned about running a bunch of those in my switch but 
one or two would probably be fine. You could also look for a standalone media 
converter that takes SFP+ on one end and delivers 10GBASE-T on the other 
side—probably the more expensive but safer solution since it’s full power and 
dumping its heat somewhere that’s not directly into your switch.

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On Aug 8, 2017, at 8:55 AM, Webster 
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I have a SuperMicro server with dual 10GBASE-T ports. I am looking at a 
Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 16 XG. I know that switch has four 10GBASE-T ports but I 
plan on using those for my NAS that has 10GBASE-T ports. Is it possible to 
connect the server's 10GBASE-T ports to an SFP+ port with a specific cable and 
connectors? If so, any recommendations on what to use?


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