On that 'Apps and Features' window, scroll down to the very end and you should 
be able to access the traditional 'Program and Features' routine to list the 
programs as you have done in the past. I only noticed this the other day.

E80.70 works on my home laptop, but prior to running the upgrade from 1607 to 
1703, I did remove the Check Point client.

Eamonn Twohig
Network and Systems Administrator | QC Data

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This is odd. I am running Win10 1607 at home, and I have the CheckPoint 
Endpoint Security client installed (08.50). Apparently, that is incompatible 
with 1703, as I can't install  the 1703 update.

Doing some searching, I see that there is a later client (08.70), specifically 
for use in 1703. Fair enough. I will ask my firewall guy on Monday, when he 
gets back from vacation, if the new client is compatible with our firewall. If 
so, I will upgrade the client at home, then I can upgrade the OS.

In the meantime, I went looking to uninstall the Checkpoint client.
And I don't see it in "Apps and Features" anywhere. Oh, it's installed, I see 
it in the system tray, and I've used it many times.

What's up with that? It's not showing in Apps and Features, it's not showing in 
"Manage optional features" (not that I expected it to). I have it set to show 
content from all drives (even though it's installed on drive C:).

What am I misunderstanding or missing here? Why am I not seeing an option to 
uninstall this anywhere?
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