Has anyone seen this before?
When I do a search using Google or Yahoo, I'm presented with the usual
list of links matching the search terms.

When I click on one, I am very briefly presented with a page with a
beige rectangle in the centre and an arrow.
The legends says "Skip this page" and "Your request is loading"
When it completes I am at www.search.pro, not the seach choice I wanted.

I'm using Firefox.
AVG w/ all of the latest updates

I looked in the usual places -- add-ons, extensions etc but to no avail.
The URL on the "redirect" page seems to change several time before it
shows the list of choices.
shopica.com is often there, tho I've seen others.
the URL of the destination is www.search.pro

Has anyone seen this?
It appears new -- there is little on google about it, but then
searching on "search" or "pro" is hardly going to narrow the field

My surfing habits make this sort of thing very rare, so I've no idea
how I got it.  It has only shown up over the past week or so.


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