On 9/21/2016 8:35 AM, Sven Schönmann wrote:
Hey Guys,

a little bit offtopic here (sorry) but what do you guys use for just
checking ProRes Quicktimes very fast in the OS?

I suggest you look into MPV. It's a derivative of MPlayer that uses
ffmpeg-related components. We've been experimenting with it for a bit
for approval viewing and having some good results. Self-contained and
can be embedded into your own player code if you have programmers
available. Seems more reliable (for us, at least) than VLC, which always
seems buggy. Plus, we got tired of VLC's buggy jog controls. MPV also
plays back uncompressed quicktimes, which seems to crash VLC depending
which release you use. Free, and cross platform for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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