Hey Mathew

The problem is that ATLAS doesn't provide all the LAPACK functions, only a
few that the ATLAS developers have optimized.

To get a complete LAPACK library, you need to build the Fortran LAPACK
library, and then put the ATLAS-optimized functions into this library.

Details here:




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> Subject: [Numpy-discussion] lapack too small?
> When I try and build I get the warning
> *********************************************************************
>     Lapack library (from ATLAS) is probably incomplete:
>       size of
> /u/fuego0b/myeates/ATLAS/lib/SunOS_HAMMER32SSE3/liblapack.a is 318k
> (expected
>  >4000k)
>     Follow the instructions in the KNOWN PROBLEMS section of the file
>     numpy/INSTALL.txt.
> *********************************************************************
> But, there is no such file INSTALL.txt
> Whats wrong? This is on Solaris and I built the ATLAS libs myself.
> Mathew

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