On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 11:04 PM, Andrew Nelson <andyf...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Other factors hindering new contributors:
> 1) Being unfamiliar with git. e.g. knowing that you have to fork numpy
> first, then clone from your fork, then create a feature branch. That's just
> the """straightforward bit""". It's hell the first time you have to rebase
> something/correct commit messages/squash, etc.

Is there anything specific to NumPy's use of git which is unsual
which needs particular warning for newcomers?

> 2) I have a mindblock on the correct way to use ReStructured Text in
> docstrings. When do I use backticks/double backticks, etc. Getting
> documentation changes to perfection is hard.

Me too. I still regularly copy-paste my docstrings from the Python
code into an RST editor to confirm the formatting, or do any
non-trivial editing.

I also found I'd often only discover invalid RST when trying to
build a project's documentation (using Sphinx or epydoc as
appropriate for the project at hand), so I wrong a flake8 plugin
to do basic reStructuredText validation:


One could imagine checking NumPy's specific docstring
style with a more complicated flake8 plugin?

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