As many of you probably already know, Numpy works fully on Python 3 and 
Python 2, with a *single code base*, since March. This work is scheduled 
to be included in the next releases 1.5 and 2.0.

Porting Scipy to work on Python 3 has proved to be much less work, and 
will probably be finished "soon". (Ongoing work is here: http://
github.com/cournape/scipy3/commits/py3k , http://github.com/pv/scipy-work/
commits/py3k )

For those who are interested in already starting to port their stuff to 
Python 3, you can use Numpy's SVN trunk version. Grab it:

        svn clone http://svn.scipy.org/svn/numpy/trunk/ numpy
        cd numpy
        python3 setup.py build

An important point is that supporting Python 3 and Python 2 in the same 
code base can be done, and it is not very difficult either. It is also 
much preferable from the maintenance POV to creating separate branches 
for Python 2 and 3. We attempted to log changes needed in Numpy at


which may be useful (although not completely up-to-date) information for 
people wanting to do make the same transition in their own code.

(Announcement as recommended by our PR department @ EuroScipy :)

Pauli Virtanen

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