Le 16/10/2016 à 11:52, Hanno Klemm a écrit :
> When I have similar situations, I usually interpolate between the valid 
> values. I assume there are a lot of use cases for convolutions but I have 
> difficulties imagining that ignoring a missing value and, for the purpose of 
> the computation, treating it as zero is useful in many of them. 
When estimating the autocorrelation of a signal, it make sense to drop
missing pairs of values. Only in this use case, it opens the question of
correcting or not correcting for the number of missing elements  when
computing the mean. I don't remember what R function "acf" is doing.

Also, coming back to the initial question, I feel that it is necessary
that the name "mask" (or "na" or similar) appears in the parameter name.
Otherwise, people will wonder : "what on earth is contagious/being

just thinking of yet another keyword name  : ignore_masked (or drop_masked)

If I remember well, in R it is dropna. It would be nice if the boolean
switch followed the same logic.

Now of course the convolution function is more general than just


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