We are happy to announce the release of (long delayed) matplotlib 2.0!
This release completely overhauls the default style of the plots.

The source tarball and wheels for Mac, Win, and manylinux for python 2.7,
3.4-3.6 are available on pypi

   pip install --upgrade matplotlib

and conda packages for Mac, Win, linux for python 2.7, 3.4-3.6 are
available from conda-forge

   conda install matplotlib -c conda-forge

Highlights include:

 - 'viridis' is default color map instead of jet.
 - Modernized the default color cycle.
 - Many more functions respect the color cycle.
 - Line dash patterns scale with linewidth.
 - Change default font to DejaVu, now supports most Western alphabets
(including Greek, Cyrillic and Latin with diacritics), math symbols and
emoji out of the box.
 - Faster text rendering.
 - Improved auto-limits.
 - Ticks out and only on the right and bottom spines by default.
 - Improved auto-ticking, particularly for log scales and dates.
 - Improved image support (imshow respects scales and eliminated a class of

For a full list of the default changes (along with how to revert them)
please see and

There were a number of small API changes documented at

I would like to thank everyone who helped on this release in anyway.  The
people at 2015 scipy BOF where this got started, users who provided
feedback and suggestions along the way, the beta-testers, Nathaniel, Stefan
and Eric for the new color maps, and all of the documentation and code

Please report any issues to (will have to join
to post un-moderated) or .

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