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> Looks very nice; is the API stable or are you waiting for a v1.0 release?

We are pretty close to full API stability but not quite there yet. Enough
people are using xarray in production that breaking changes are made with
serious caution (and deprecation cycles whenever feasible).

The only major backwards-incompatible change planned is an overhaul of
indexing to use labeled broadcasting and alignment:

There are a few other "nice to have" features for v1.0 but that's the only
one that has the potential to change functionality in a way that we can't
cleanly deprecate.

> Is there significant overhead compared to plain ndarray?

Xarray is implemented in Python (not C), so it does have significant
overhead for every operation. Adding two arrays takes ~100 us, rather than
<1 us in NumPy. So you don't want to use it in your inner loop.

That said, the overhead is independent of the size of the array. So if you
work with large arrays, it is negligible.
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