There will be a PyData conference in Barcelona this May:

I am planning on attending, and was thinking of maybe proposing to organize
a numpy-themed workshop or tutorial.

My personal inclination would be to look at some advanced topic that I know
well, like writing gufuncs in Cython, but wouldn't mind doing a more run of
the mill thing. Anyone has any thoughts or experiences on what has worked
well in similar situations? Any specific topic you always wanted to attend
a workshop on, but were afraid to ask?

Alternatively, or on top of the workshop, I could propose to do a talk:
talking last year at PyData Madrid about the new indexing was a lot of fun!
Thing is, I have been quite disconnected from the project this past year,
and can't really think of any worthwhile topic. Is there any message that
we as a project would like to get out to the larger community?

And if you are planning on attending, please give me a shout.



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