Has anyone taken care of notifying gmane about this?

Ralf Gommers wrote:

> Hi all,
> The server for the scipy.org mailing list is in very bad shape, so we (led
> by Didrik Pinte) are planning to complete the migration of active mailing
> lists to the python.org infrastructure and to decommission the lists than
> seem dormant/obsolete.
> The scipy-user mailing list was already moved to python.org a month or two
> ago, and that migration went smoothly.
> These are the lists we plan to migrate:
> astropy
> ipython-dev
> ipython-user
> numpy-discussion
> numpy-svn
> scipy-dev
> scipy-organizers
> scipy-svn
> And these we plan to retire:
> Announce
> Ipython-tickets
> Mailman
> numpy-refactor
> numpy-refactor-git
> numpy-tickets
> Pyxg
> scipy-tickets
> NiPy-devel
> There will be a short period (<24 hours) where messages to the list may be
> refused, with an informative message as to why. The mailing list address
> will change from listn...@scipy.org to listn...@python.org
> This will happen asap, likely within a day or two. So two requests:
> 1.  If you see any issue with this plan, please reply and keep Didrik and
> myself on Cc (we are not subscribed to all lists).
> 2. If you see this message on a numpy/scipy list, but not on another list
> (could be due to a moderation queue) then please forward this message
> again to that other list.
> Thanks,
> Ralf

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