Den Tuesday 20 May 2008 03.21.22 skrev Charles Lepple:
> On May 19, 2008, at 6:27 PM, David Mathog wrote:
> > No idea why it thinks it is a Liebert.
> It's only looking at the USB vendor ID, and the only Liebert USB UPS
> that we heard about had that vendor ID. (Then again, these may be
> completely different beasts - that UPS had product ID 0xffff, and
> yours is 0x0003.)
> Here's the entry from :
> 06da  Phoenixtec Power Co., Ltd
>       0002  UPS
> Maybe the base driver should be named Phoenixtec instead.

Hm, bad idea. The Phoenixtec make the interface card to early Powerware ups'es
with just the Vendor/product id 06da:0002. And it speaks the bcmxcp protocol.
B.t.w an bad usb implementation that need a dirty fix to make it work.


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