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$ sudo /lib/nut/usbhid-ups -DDD -a maxfun
Network UPS Tools - Generic HID driver 0.34 (2.4.3)
USB communication driver 0.31


  0.341940     Report[get]: (3 bytes) => 1d 8b 00
  0.341960     Path: UPS.PowerSummary.Voltage, Type: Feature, ReportID:
0x1d, Offset: 0, Size: 16, Value: 0.000001

The UPS is reporting a battery voltage of 1 uV here, most likely because Liebert got the exponent of this value wrong. I assume they meant something like 13.9 V, since 00 8B (hex) equals 139 (decimal). We can fix this though, but this will require a dedicated subdriver.

  0.345939     Report[get]: (3 bytes) => 1f 0c 00
  0.345956     Path: UPS.PowerSummary.ConfigVoltage, Type: Feature,
ReportID: 0x1f, Offset: 0, Size: 16, Value: 0.000000

Same here. The nominal battery voltage is probably 12 V, but what is reported is 0.12 uV, since 00 0C (hex) equals 12 (decimal). Can be fixed too.

  0.350081     Report[buf]: (2 bytes) => 07 0d
  0.350095     Path: UPS.PowerSummary.PresentStatus.ACPresent, Type:
Feature, ReportID: 0x07, Offset: 2, Size: 1, Value: 0.000000
  0.350106     Report[buf]: (2 bytes) => 07 0d
  0.350120     Path: UPS.PowerSummary.PresentStatus.ACPresent, Type:
Input, ReportID: 0x07, Offset: 2, Size: 1, Value: 0.000000

Although I didn't expect otherwise, the UPS is reporting that AC is not present (that's why you see NUT reporting OB instead of OL). Try if these value change to '1.000000' if you unplug the mains. In that case Liebert seems to report the status reversed from what is specified in the HID PDC specifications (which doesn't surprise me at all, given the broken battery voltage reporting).

  0.350131     Report[buf]: (2 bytes) => 07 0d
  0.350145     Path: UPS.PowerSummary.PresentStatus.BatteryPresent, Type:
Feature, ReportID: 0x07, Offset: 3, Size: 1, Value: 0.000000
  0.350156     Report[buf]: (2 bytes) => 07 0d
  0.350170     Path: UPS.PowerSummary.PresentStatus.BatteryPresent, Type:
Input, ReportID: 0x07, Offset: 3, Size: 1, Value: 0.000000

I assume the UPS contains a battery and that this value is reversed as well.

  0.353937     Report[get]: (3 bytes) => 2b 63 09
  0.353954     Path: UPS.Output.Voltage, Type: Feature, ReportID: 0x2b,
Offset: 0, Size: 16, Value: 0.000024

Most likely the same problem as for the battery voltage. It looks more like the output voltage should be 240.3 V, instead of 24.03 uV.

  0.361937     Report[get]: (3 bytes) => 20 68 09
  0.361954     Path: UPS.Input.Voltage, Type: Feature, ReportID: 0x20,
Offset: 0, Size: 16, Value: 0.000024

Same here. Input voltage is probably 240.8 V instead of 24.08 uV.

  0.365937     Report[get]: (3 bytes) => 38 f5 01
  0.365955     Path: UPS.Input.Frequency, Type: Feature, ReportID: 0x38,
Offset: 0, Size: 16, Value: 501.000000

Something similar here too. The input frequency is probably 50.1 Hz, instead of 501 Hz.

  0.630102     upsdrv_updateinfo...
  0.881839     libusb_get_interrupt: Connection timed out
  0.881854     Got 0 HID objects...
  0.881863     Quick update...

NUT attempts to read from the interrupt pipeline here, but at this time there are no messages queued. This is normal, nothing to worry about.

The good news is that we can probably support this UPS (sort of), provided you're willing to help us finding and fixing all it's quirks. It will require checking out the development version from SVN and frequent compiling from sources. You'd also need to be able to take the UPS out of service from time to time for testing a new version of the driver. Let us know if you are interested in helping getting this device supported.

Best regards, Arjen
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