On Sat, 17 Sep 2016, Yevgeniy Kuksenko wrote:

Hello all, I have been having a problem with upsmon on Fedora 24 on boot. NUT 
is configured as a netclient to a Raspbian NUT server. After boot up upsmon
repeatedly says "connect failed: No such host". It is not able to connect at 
all until the service is bounced. This seems to indicate a name resolution
problem but shouldn't this auto correct once name resolution is working 
properly regardless? upsmon on the Raspbian NUT server works fine and is 
to localhost:3493.

If I use an ip instead of a DNS name this config works correctly on boot.

Do commands on the client such as:

 echo "GET VAR ups01 battery.charge" | netcat ups.server.lan 3493
 echo "GET VAR ups01 battery.charge" | netcat 3493

reproduce the problem? If so, the problem may be with the DNS rather than NUT. What does command dig ups.server.lan on the client report?


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