On Oct 12, 2016, at 3:28 PM, Nick Teague wrote:
> Alright.  Sorry to bother you guys.  Apparently after I rebooted the box, it 
> started working now on the tripplite-usb driver.  One correct also.  I didn't 
> have it installed from ports but from binary pkg.  (pkg install nut)

No worries - the FreeBSD integration isn't well documented. I can't find my old 
notes right now, but I suspect that the reboot was needed because devd doesn't 
rescan the existing devices when you just restart the devd process (it acts on 
kernel events, such as when a USB device is plugged in).

My understanding is that the ports tree is used by the FreeBSD maintainers to 
build the binary packages, right? Theoretically, the default configuration for 
the port should be the same.
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