That is going to be hard to diagnose without the usbhid-ups logs for the time when those 
commands are sent - can you try to keep the log going while sending them, then note the 
time when the command was sent? You can use the "tee" command:

/lib/nut/usbhid-ups -DD -a TrippLiteUPS 2>&1 | tee /tmp/log.shutdown.return.txt

(please use gzip before attaching the log - the mailing list does not accept 
messages over 40kB without manual intervention.)

Sorry, I think there was a mistake on my part and for the large messages :)

When I originally tried to run "/lib/nut/usbhid-ups -DD -a TrippLiteUPS" It complained about other drivers running and did not show any logging of commands given to the driver. So I have been now stopping nut-driver before running that command. After starting the logging then running both upsrw and upscmd I would ctl+c the logging leaving no driver running. I now realize that only a little while after canceling the logging is when NUT decided to shut down the server.If I leave the logging going it does not shutdown.

I am assuming that is supposed to do that when no driver is seen running for awhile just incase?? And in that case is not part of my original no delay issue?

I have run it again and it looks like ups.shutdown.delay changes show in the log @ 28.068836. But no mention at all in the log of shutdown.return run @ 80.951272. Just the same "ERR CMD-NOT-SUPPORTED" when attempting to run it.

I think the behavior is expected, but I really thought the 
others should honor the delay variables. Will have to look further.
log trimmed; appears to be the same as before?

Yes looks about the same. Also I did a test on new installs of debian 8 and debian 9. Both worked as expected except for the delay variables are still being ignored and "ERR CMD-NOT-SUPPORTED" when running "upscmd TrippLiteUPS@localhost shutdown.return".

NOTE: The issue of having to add a systemd service in my first post seems to be a proxmox issue, so I will look into that issue else where.

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