On Aug 13, 2017, at 10:29 PM, Jeff Silberberg <j...@dapage.net> wrote:
> Looking at the project site the latest Windows Binary is a few back -
> Has any one built a more recent version that they can upload and update the 
> Project site ?
> Looking for Windows 7 / Windows 8, not running Windows 10 on any of my tool 
> Laptops and 
> I need to check some battery packs and overall status on a series of UPS 
> units in shelters,  The build 
> gives my grirf in a number of areas including libusb0.dll  

The windows-port branch was not merged properly with the main NUT SVN trunk 
(now Git master branch) during development, so it is effectively stuck at 

There was talk of rewriting the Windows compatibility layer for later versions 
of NUT. Some status is scattered across the following GitHub issues.


If your issue is mostly with USB, you might consider using an embedded Linux 
system as a NUT server, and running NUT 2.6.5-6 or ntUPSd on the clients.

Also, if you know of anyone willing to help out with the NUT Windows port, that 
would be most useful. (The intent is to cross-compile using the MinGW compilers 
so that we can easily keep the Windows code in sync with the classic NUT 
codebase, and I realize MinGW might be a turn-off to potential developers 
accustomed to Visual Studio.)
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