Context of my question:

 *  OS name and version,

Synology's distributed Linux: Linux DS 3.10.102 #15152 SMP Fri Sep 1
11:15:03 CST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

 *  exact NUT version,

Tricky... the installed tools display:

$ /usr/sbin/upsd -V
Network UPS Tools upsd DSM6-1-15114-170518

while the one I've compiled, and its not running, displays:

$ /opt/sbin/upsd -V
Network UPS Tools upsd 2.7.4

My guess is that they are the same version (Synology keeps it updated).

driver.version: DSM6-1-15114-170518
driver.version.data: MGE HID 1.33

 *  NUT installation method:

Comes with Synology's DSM, and its updated by them.

 *  UPS device name and related information

Eaton 5PX 1500

 *  Problem description

Not a problem, just an observation.

I made a program to monitor my UPS, the final objective is to implement
a power use totalizer, and wanted to see which polling frequency is the
minimum required.

Read about pollfreq, and pollinterval, but didn't see NUT's code.

The values of those are:
driver.parameter.pollfreq: 30
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 5

I found that power consumption (ups.realpower) only changes every 35
seconds, which is (pollfreq + pollinterval).

Does this looks correct?  I would expect changes at pollfreq.

René Berber

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