Charles Lepple writes:

I don't currently have a physical Fedora test system, but can you see if this works at least as well as it did prior to the libusb-1.0 branch? (I have a few kludges in my tree to make this work on a Raspberry Pi, but they are not ready to push.) 170c0ee390c7ecdfb7d86d3b8ee6ca4240f72c2a or checkout branch fix_usb_scan_issue_499 from that Git repo.

Yes, that did the trick.

[root@monster ups]# nut-scanner
Scanning USB bus.
No start IP, skipping SNMP
Scanning XML/HTTP bus.
No start IP, skipping NUT bus (old connect method)
Scanning NUT bus (avahi method).
Scanning IPMI bus.

Decided to ^C out of this, instead of waiting for it to time out, then:

[root@monster tmp]# nut-scanner -U
Scanning USB bus.
        driver = "usbhid-ups"
        port = "auto"
        vendorid = "0764"
        productid = "0501"
        product = "CP1500PFCLCD"
        serial = "000000000000"
        vendor = "CPS"
        bus = "006"

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