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I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS using NUT 2.7.4 with an APC Back-UPS RS1000G.  The problem is I do test shutdown using  sudo upsmon -c fsd and my computer shuts down ok but no matter how long I wait it never turns back on.  Is there a way to fix this.  I am using the usbhid-ups driver.  

Your computer would turn on again if

 1. The AC power from the UPS unit was stopped and then started again.

 2. Your BIOS option to restart on AC return was set correctly.

If you want this to happen automatically, then your shutdown sequence should include a "delayed shutdown" order to the UPS unit. The delay is by default 20 sec. The "delayed shutdown" has the effect of turning off the power outlets of the UPS unit after the delay.

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