On Jan 21, 2018, at 1:12 AM, David Melik <dchme...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have an excellent old Best Power FE700VA but am suprised it's unlisted.  I 
> thought Best Power ones were for critical applications, mostly for 
> POSIX-based (Unix, etc.) servers, so I want to run it on 64-bit Slackware 
> GNU/Linux.  I'm wondering why, or if it may be added in the future, or if 
> there are any other options.

My understanding was that many of the older Best Power units were downstream of 
generators, and as such, full-blown power outages of both mains and generator 
power were not expected.

That said, it might be that the "bestfcom" driver predates when we were 
actively collecting specific model names for the Hardware Compatibility List 
and the Device Dump Library. Does the manual linked below describe your model?


If you hook up a terminal emulator to the comms port (1200 baud, 8/N/1 unless 
stickers and/or configuration DIP switches indicate otherwise), and type "f" 
<return>, do you get a status line like one of the following?


Let us know how it goes, and we can update the various compatibility lists:


Charles Lepple

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