> NUT takes charge of sending the required commands through the driver; the 
> default values are load.off.delay 20 and load.on.delay 30.  These values can 
> be 
> changed by adding lines such as
>         offdelay = 30
>         ondelay = 100
> to the corresponding UPS section in file ups.conf.

This sounded like a very appealing and sensible suggestion, thanks, so I just 
tried it.

I edited /etc/nut/ups.conf to contain the following stanza

        driver = usbhid-ups
        port = auto
        desc = "Cyber Power Systems VALUE800EILCD"
        offdelay = 30
        ondelay = 100

and then I "tested the shutdown sequence" with

sudo upsmon -c fsd

The computer duly shut down but then didn't come back up for 3 minutes, at 
which point I power-cycled it by removing and re-inserting the cable. (By the 
way, 5 seconds of off time wasn't enough to wake it up, but 30 was.)

So what else could be wrong? 

- Should I have written load.off.delay instead of offdelay?

- Should I have issued any other command to cause the driver to read its 
ups.conf file?

- Could it be that the second issue I reported in my original message to the 
list is also affecting what happens?

I am still getting quite a few console broadcasts that "UPS cyber@localhost is 
unavailable" and (a) I don't know why (b) I wonder if this is preventing nut 
from telling the UPS those new values for the on-delay and off-delay.

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