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The rc-style init systems typically want programs like the drivers to go into the background on their own (as the driver does without "-D", or when launched by "upsdrvctl start"). Other init systems like launchd or systemd will monitor the PID of the program to restart it if necessary, so they work best when the driver doesn't fork.

Ok, around 24hrs ago I retested, but the (same) output is still on the screen without it going into background to release tty/sh...

Here's output I got within the last few minutes, just wondering how to complete 
configuration now (if this is working)...

root@darwinheim:~# Network UPS Tools - Best Ferrups/Fortress driver 0.12 (2.7.4)

Warning: This is an experimental driver.

Some features may not function correctly.

    0.000000     debug level is '1'

     8.434336  UPS Time: Saturday, July 18, 2009 - 16:01:08

   26.245736     Best Power Ferrups FE700 detected

   26.245755     Battery voltages: 13.58 nominal, 14.90 full, 11.00 low, 10.50 
This driver doesn't have any additional configuration options (or many debug log 
messages, for that matter), so the next step is to be sure that upsd has started, and run 
"upsc ups" to see all of the values.

The rest of the configuration is split between upsd (defining roles for 
monitoring) and upsmon (defining how to shut down or notify you of other 

root@darwinheim:~# upsc ups
Error: Connection failure: Connection refused

Some things (one might use for an organization) I won't need to set up (as maybe said, it's just my server at home)... maybe would be nice to monitor from my PC.


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